1. What is EatPlayLive?

  • EatPlayLive offers its members great lifestyle offers at the best restaurants, coolest cafes, soothing spas, hotel getaways and much more across 7 countries in Asia Pacific.

2. How do I become a Member?

  • Membership is available at an unbeatable value of SGD 15/month or SGD 100/year. Make an In-app Purchase to activate your membership now!

3. Is my subscription restricted to the country I signed up in?

  • EatPlayLive Members enjoy the convenience of 1 membership for all the countries where EatPlayLive is available.

4. How does EatPlayLive work?

  • Search through the app for offers to meet your dining, recreational and travel needs. To redeem an offer, visit or make an appointment with our Merchant Partner, present the offer on your phone upon arrival and follow the processes in the app to redeem the offer.

5. What are the restrictions on the offers?

  • Please see our Terms of Use and the specific Terms and Conditions associated with the offers.

6. How many offers may I use at one time?

  • Members can only redeem one offer per visit, unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions associated with the offer.

7. Do I have to pay for the EatPlayLive App?

  • The EatPlayLive App is free to download from your smartphone’s app store. However, offers are only available for subscribers.

8. Can I refund or exchange my purchase on the app?

  • The EatPlayLive App is free. Membership purchased through the App cannot be exchanged or refunded.

9. If I go to a participating outlet and hit redeem on an offer and they do not accept the     offer for some reason, can I cancel the redemption?

  • Yes, you can cancel the redemption at any point until the Merchant Partner successfully enters their merchant code. However please note that a completed redemption cannot be reversed.

10. How can I contact you for support/questions for your products?